Youth Hunter Education Challenge

The YHEC Competition is held at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton in early June annually. It is jointly sponsored by the NRA, 4H and New Mexico Game and Fish. Attendance at this event is the number one goal of the Mora Youth Hunter Education Club. The club will provide training for the Members and Logistic Support for the event.

A Hunter Education certificate (original) and birth certificate (photocopy ok) are required. The entry fee is $25. Events are:

  • Wildlife Identification
    Stuffed animals, parts (such as horns), sign, et al. Users only animals occuring in New Mexico.
  • Marksmanship
    22 rifle at ringing or swinging targets, various ranges, scope up to 9x OK.
  • Archery
    Fifteen 3D targets at ranges from point blank to about 40 yards. Twenty points for a vitals hit, ten for any other hit. No hooves or antlers/horns. Some limits on sights, counter balances, etc. Field points only.
  • Safety Trail
    "Shoot - Don't Shoot" situations scored by a (real) game warden. Includes ye olde Hunter-Ed fence crossing.
  • Orienteering
    First a map reading test, then find five points from compass vector and distance instructions.
  • Shotgun
    Sporting clays type shooting. Clays thrown from various angles in various directions, including rollers.
  • Muzzleloaders
    Gong targets, three ranges, three positions, cross sticks ok for prone. In-lines ok, no scopes.
  • Written Test
    All questions are taken from either the Hunter Ed manual, NRA Hunters Guide or the proclamation. Not include in the aggregate score, but is the tie breaker for all events including aggregate.
Participation is in five man teams, however every eligible member can enter. No one is bumped from the team!! Extras shooters can be used on teams that are short a member or organized into "Provisional Teams". At least two of the top six teams last year were provisional. There is a coach's competition as well.

Registration is Friday afternoon. Teams will be able to complete some competitions Friday afternoon. The written test will done at 6:00 Friday. All day Saturday to complete the courses. An optional dance is held on Saturday night. The awards ceremony is held Sunday morning so that teams from distant points have plenty of driving time.

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