2011 Challenge

Mora 2011 Junior Team

Mora YHEC Team Goes to State

Eight events were contested, marksmanship competition in small-bore , archery, shot gun and muzzleloader, and responsibility competitions in orienteering with map and compass, wildlife identification, safety trail and a written exam on game laws and related information. Even with the exam finished Friday evening, it took from 7:00 AM until nearly 6:00 PM Saturday to complete the courses. Later, while the judges were entering scores and calculating position, our intrepid hunters were looking for partners at the Saturday night dance. Parents and children had a great time, and are already planning next year.


Pete Kalea
Dakota Nate
Dakota Nate
Jack The Team
Jack The Team
support support
Support Crew
Thanks to All Who
Made It Possible!!!
I wish I could thank every one of the volunteers individually. Not one should be left out, but for some of you, I don't even know your name, just your smiling face.

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